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Baskets for medical

Baskets for medical
Baskets for medical
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:stainless 304, 316
  • Properties:durable, seamless, one piece all-metal construction
  • Application:medical sterilizing, pasta, meat, life in a basket

Baskets for medical,wire baskets,

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Baskets for medical
The specifications of Baskets for medical
1. The materials of Baskets for medical: stainless 304, 316
2. Length: 200mm-600mm
3. Width: 200mm-400mm
4. Height/Depth: 50mm-100mm
5. Surface treatment: electro brightening, nice looking and long lasting. 
6. Packing: poly bag and cartons
The features of Baskets for medical
1. Baskets for medical are durable, seamless, one piece all-metal construction.
2. Baskets for medical have smooth wrap and glove-friendly contours.
3. Handles of Baskets for medical are attached on both lid and base to reduce risk of dropping.
4. Baskets for medical are heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and wears resistance, non-toxic, health protection.
The applications of Baskets for medical
1. Baskets for medical are used as medical sterilizing, pasta, meat, life in a basket, barbecue, basket, cookers, various supermarket goods basket, Hotel with drink, food; Office paper basket, documents, books, newspaper shelf.
2. Baskets for medical is used in mining industry, chemical industry, food, medicine, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery accessories and hardware products packaging net, net basket, net, handicraft, cooker.

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