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Hanging fruit basket

Hanging fruit basket
Hanging fruit basket
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:iron
  • Properties:firm structure and anti-corrosion
  • Application:storing toys, fruit and sundries

Hanging fruit basket,wire fruit basket,

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Hanging fruit basket
The specifications of Hanging fruit basket
1. The materials of Hanging fruit basket: iron
2. Finishing: chrome plating
3. Color: silver
4. Size: 24*22*31cm
5. Packing: poly bag and cartons
The features of Hanging fruit basket
1. Hanging fruit basket is easy to assemble and dismantle, no tools required.
2. Hanging fruit basket has the firm structure and anti-corrosion, which is durable in use.
3. The Hanging fruit basket have various and fashionable patterns.
4. The Hanging fruit basket can be designed any color or size according to your requirements.
5. The Hanging fruit basket is eco-friendly and durable in use, also can make the living room beautiful and fragrant.
The applications of Hanging fruit basket
1. Hanging fruit basket is used for storing toys, fruit and sundries.
2. Hanging fruit basket is attractive accessory to any kitchen.
3. Hanging fruit basket is for kitchen storage.
4. Hanging fruit basket let you hang bananas above other fruit, to ripen everything more quickly. Or unhook the removable vertical post, and you have a good-looking metal basket for serving and display.

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