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Black draining rack

Black draining rack
Black draining rack
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:iron with plastic tray
  • Properties:large capacity, strong bearing
  • Application:store plates, cups, forks knives and other dinner ware

Black draining rack,dish rack,

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Black draining rack
The specifications of Black draining rack
1. The materials of Black draining rack: iron with plastic tray
2. Finishing: powder coating with black
3. Size: 38*30.5*14cm
4. Packing: poly bag and cartons
The features of Black draining rack
1. Black draining rack has large capacity, strong bearing.
2. Black draining rack is against corrosion and durable.
3. Black draining rack is easily cleaned, fashionable and eco-friendly.
4. The appearance of Black draining rack is smooth and beautiful.
5. Black draining rack allows easy removal of excess water and cleaning.
6. Black draining rack is used for avoiding scratching the table.
7. Black draining rack has firm welding & nice handcraft and high quality guarantee.
8. Black draining rack is easy to install and dismantle, no tools required.
The applications of Black draining rack
1. Black draining rack is suitable for family kitchen bowls, plates, chopsticks, spoon placed on the countertop drain the design aesthetic, economical and practical, is a good helper for housewives.
2. Black draining rack can make your kitchen clean and tidy.
3. Black draining rack is designed for easy drying of dishes, cups, and glasses. The new design of this dish drainer doubles capacity of cup and glass space.

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