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Make My Own Metal or Wire Baskets

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Metal or wire baskets can add character to your patio or porch. They are also a great way to save counter space when utilized as a place to store miscellaneous items. Wire baskets can be created from a multitude of different materials. The baskets sold most often in stores are made of ceramic and/or wire. Creating your own wire basket is not only economical, but also allows for a personal touch.


Position the two square pieces of chicken wire on top of one another. Turn one square of the chicken wire 45 degrees. None of the corners on either square should come into contact with the others.

Fold over the corners of the chicken wire. The corners of the square underneath should fold up, while the corners on the top piece should fold down. Utilize a pair of pliers to bend the wire to securely fasten the two pieces together.

Form the chicken wire into the shape of a bowl. In the center of the wire square, place a heavy object, such as a ceramic bowl, to use as a form for the basket. Beginning at one corner of the basket, bend the chicken wire upward. Continue bending and shaping the wire around the form to make a bowl shape for the basket.

Snip the ends of the exposed wire with a pair of wire cutters. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend any sharp ends of the chicken wire toward the inside of the basket.

Measure the distance from the ceiling where the basket will hang to the top of the basket.

Utilize three pieces of nylon rope to the basket. Measure the ropes to the appropriate length and cut them to equal size. Space the ropes apart evenly and use secure knots to tie the ropes to the basket.