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Utensil dryer

Utensil dryer
Utensil dryer
  • Category:Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Material:iron wire
  • Properties:sturdy steel construction
  • Application:hold spoons, whisks, spatulas and more

Utensil dryer,dish rack,

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Utensil dryer
The specifications of Utensil dryer
1. The materials of Utensil dryer: iron wire
2. Surface treatment: chrome plated
3. Color: silver
4. Size: 16*8*19.5cm
Packing: as your request
The features of Utensil dryer
1. Utensil dryer has sturdy steel construction.
2. Utensil dryer is with strong anti-rust ability.
3. Utensil dryer is firm welding & nice handcraft.
4. Utensil dryer is safe for dishware, easy to clean and remove.
5. Utensil dryer is anti-oxidant, acid and alkali resistance.
The applications of Utensil dryer
1. Utensil dryer is designed to hold spoons, whisks, spatulas and more, this spacious holder features an interior divider to keep your items organized and upright.
2. Utensil dryer is made of sturdy steel; the decorative motif will add a sophisticated accent to your kitchen.
3. Utensil dryer can be accommodating with dish rack and other racks.
4. Utensil dryer will keep all your tools in one place, which place on your countertop or on your island workspace for quick access to all your utensils from ladles to spatulas and wooden spoons.

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