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Metal security screen

Metal security screen
Metal security screen
  • Category:Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Material:stainless steel 304 316 316L
  • Properties:a very comfortable visual enjoyment
  • Application:protect home and family from intruders and would -be thieves

Metal security screen,security window screen,

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Metal security screen
The specifications of Metal security screen
1. The materials of Metal security screen: stainless steel 304 316 316L
2. Surface:  Electrostatic spray
3. Wire mesh*wire diameter: 11mesh *0.8mm 12mesh *0.7mm 10mesh *0.9mm 8.5mesh *1.0mm 4mesh*1.6mm
4. Wire mesh standard size: 1200mm*2000mm 1200mm*2400mm 900mm*2000mm 900mm*2400mm 750mm*2000mm 750mm*2400mm
5. Packaging: Water-proofed paper, plastic film
The features of Metal security screen
1. Metal security screen is neat and level screen to make it convenient installation.
2. Metal security screen is giving you a very comfortable visual enjoyment.
3. Strict quality control of Metal security screen makes the perfect mesh
4. Metal security screen guards your house against theft and danger. Enjoy you a super-clear and safety environment.
5. Metal security screen is mothproof, ventilated, beautiful, secure and so on
The applications of Metal security screen
1. Metal security screen is used in windows and doors suit for the Al-alloy and wooden window.
2. Metal security screen is also called bulletproof window screen, window screen mesh stainless steel
3. Metal security screen can protect home and family from intruders and would -be thieves, save your life and property.
4. Metal security screen will give you a clear view and good protection.

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