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Perforated powder coated panels

Perforated powder coated panels
Perforated powder coated panels
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:mild steel, stainless steel
  • Properties:light weight, skid prevention and artistic
  • Application:civil construction, mechanical device protection

Perforated powder coated panels,perforated panels,

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Perforated powder coated panels
The specifications of Perforated powder coated panels
1. The materials of Perforated powder coated panels: mild steel, stainless steel, brass plate, Aluminum plate
2. Thickness: 0.1mm-2.5mm
3. Width: Max 1200mm
4. Standard sheet size: 1000mm*2000mm
5. Hole shapes: Round hole, square hole, long round hole, triangle hole, scale hole, oval hole, hexagonal hole, slot hole
The features of Perforated powder coated panels
1. Perforated powder coated panels are light weight, skid prevention and artistic.
2. Perforated powder coated panels can be readily formed and can be painted or polished.
3. Perforated powder coated panels are easy installation, attractive appearance and wide range of thickness available.
4. Perforated powder coated panels have largest selection of hole size pattern and configurations, uniform sound abatement.
5. Perforated powder coated panels are excellent wear life and durable, superior abrasion resistance and accuracy of size.
The applications of Perforated powder coated panels
1. Perforated powder coated panels are mainly used in project for big area with soundproof requirements, such as hotels, stores, office building, hospitals, railway stations, metro stations and so on.
2. Perforated powder coated panels are used to civil construction, mechanical device protection, handicraft manufacture, upscale sound heat cover, grain ventilates.
3. Perforated powder coated panels also can be used in architectural, the road, the bridge.

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