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Patterned sheet metal

Patterned sheet metal
Patterned sheet metal
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:stainless steel, aluminum
  • Properties:more plentiful and irregular
  • Application:widely used in decoration areas

Patterned sheet metal,perforated metal,

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Patterned sheet metal
The specifications of Patterned sheet metal
1. The materials of Patterned sheet metal: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper
2. Finishing: powder coated, galvanized, polished/no finishing
3. Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm
4. Width: 1219mm, 1000mm, or as customized
5. Length: 2438mm, 3048mm, or as customized
6. Technique: etched or laser cutting
The features of Patterned sheet metal
1. Patterned sheet metal is more plentiful and irregular.
2. Patterned sheet metal is strong corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.
3. Patterned sheet metal is silencer, construction, and public utilities.
4. Patterned sheet metal can be readily formed and can be painted or polished.
5. Patterned sheet metal is easy installation and attractive appearance.
6. Patterned sheet metal is uniform sound abatement and excellent wear life and durable.
7. Patterned sheet metal is superior abrasion resistance and accuracy of size.
The applications of Patterned sheet metal
1. Patterned sheet metal is widely used in decoration areas.
2. Patterned sheet metal is used in machinery, sports supplies, and kitchen supplies, decorative.
3. Patterned sheet metal is used as fence, cladding, wall curtain, divider, facades, furniture, etc.
4. Patterned sheet metal is used in machinery and hardware fields, military and electricity industries, petroleum and chemical industries, food processing and medical industries, etc.

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