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Aluminum Perforated Panels

Aluminum Perforated Panels
Aluminum Perforated Panels
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:aluminum
  • Properties:round hole
  • Application:be used to civil construction, mechanical device protection

Aluminum Perforated Panels,Perforated Panels,

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Aluminum Perforated Panels

Specification of Aluminum Perforated Panels
Material: aluminum
Specification: 300*300mm,600*600mm,800*800mm,300*1200mm,400*1200mm,600*1200mm or any special size metal board.
Thickness: from 0.4 to 1.5mm

Surface treatment of Aluminum Perforated Panels:
Ordinary powder coated; Besides, Polyester powder coated, Roller coated, film coated and anodic coating is also available;

Hole shape of Aluminum Perforated Panels: long square hole, square hole, round hole, triangle hole, hexagonal hole, the plum blossom hole, scale hole and other different kinds of hole as per customers’ requirements.

Uses of Aluminum Perforated Panels: be used to civil construction, mechanical device protection, handicraft manufacture, upscale sound hardcover, grain ventilates. It also can be used in architectural, the road, and the bridge. The product quality has achieved the national standard and the profession examination standard.

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