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Racks for storage

Racks for storage
Racks for storage
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:Carbon or stainless steel
  • Properties:save much space for your room
  • Application:fold, durable, stylish and flexible light, which are used in the cool room

Racks for storage,storage racks,

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Racks for storage
The specifications of Racks for storage
1. The materials of Racks for storage: Carbon or stainless steel
2. Surface treatment: Powder coating or chrome plated
3. Layers: 1-4 layers
4. Size: various sizes can be chosen
5. Load capacity: 200kg (each shelf)
6. Packing: one piece per carton, 30pcs per pallet
The features of Racks for storage
1. Racks for storage are easy to fold, durable, stylish and flexible light.
2. Racks for storage are corrosion protection.
3. Racks for storage are easy to packing and transport.
4. Racks for storage are easy to assemble and dismantle, no tools required.
5. Racks for storage can save much space for your room.
6. Many different sizes of Racks for storage are available.
The applications of Racks for storage
1. Racks for storage are used in the cool room, kitchen, hotel, warehouse, etc.
2. Racks for storage are also widely used in the shop for storing some sundries.
3. Racks for storage are applied for storage in the bathroom, supermarket, etc.
4. Racks for storage are used for everywhere of your home warehouse.

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