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Grilling basket

Grilling basket
Grilling basket
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:stainless steel or galvanized wire
  • Properties:waterproof and corrosion resistance
  • Application:use outside, especially for outdoor Barbeque


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Grilling basket
The specifications of Grilling basket
1. The materials of Grilling basket: stainless steel or galvanized wire
2. Finishing: polishing
3. Size: can be costumed as requests
4. Packing: as requests
The features of Grilling basket
1. Grilling basket is convenient to carry with the wooden handle.
2. Grilling basket is durable and easy to use.
3. Grilling basket is waterproof and corrosion resistance.
4. Grilling basket is dustproof and is easily cleaned.
5. Grilling basket is heat resistance and UV Inhibited.
6. Grilling basket has the fashion and practical design.
7. Barbecue net shape of square, round, could take the handle or frame, size according to customer requirements.
The applications of Grilling basket
1. Grilling basket is pretty good to use outside, especially for outdoor Barbeque.
2. Grilling basket is a wonderful tool to your barbeque party, also a great gift to your friends.
3. Grilling basket is mainly used in camping, tenting, military travel etc.

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