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Micro hole plate

Micro hole plate
Micro hole plate
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:mild steel,stainless steel,brass or other metal
  • Properties:Flat surface,smooth,beautiful,strong and durable
  • Application:Mining,medicion,grainslection,indoor sound insulation

Micro hole plate, hole plate,

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Micro hole plate
The specifications of Micro hole plate
1. The materials: mild steel,stainless steel,brass or other metal
2. The dimension of Micro hole plate can be according to your requirement
3. The surface of Micro hole plate:zinc palted,chromed plated,galvanized coated,polishing
4. Hole shapes:round,rectangular hole,square,triangle,diamond,cross,slotted,hexagonal and other patterns.
5. Packing: as to according to the customers’ requiremnet
The features of Micro hole plate
Flat surface,smooth,beautiful,strong and durable,wide application,light weight,skid prevention and artistic.
The application of Micro hole plate
1. Applications:Mining,medicion,grainslection,indoor sound insulation,silencers,ventilation,grain storage and machine protection
2. USES: used for decoration, screening, separation, sifting, filtration, drying, cooling, cleaning and other specifications in civil construction, mechanical device protection, handicraft, cover, road, bridge etc .
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