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Dust netting

Dust netting
Dust netting
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:galvanized plate
  • Properties:high strength, toughness, resistance to bending
  • Application:change the wind direction and slow down wind power

Dust netting,wind proof wall,

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Dust netting
The specifications of Dust netting
1. The materials of Dust netting: galvanized plate
2. Finishing: powder coating
3. Width: 2.5m-5m
4. Height: 0.05m-0.1m
5. Thickness: 0.5-8mm
6. Type: single-peak, bimodal, three-peak
The features of Dust netting
1. Dust netting is high strength, toughness, resistance to bending.
2. Dust netting is anti-aging, anti-flame resistance, high temperature, acid.
3. Dust netting has strong ability to withstand bending excellent performance.
4. Dust netting is long validity, beautiful and high strength.
The applications of Dust netting
1. Dust netting can change the wind direction and slow down wind power.
2. Dust netting is used for dust suppression and noise control.
3. Dust netting is used in power plants, coal mines, coking plants and other enterprises plant reservoir coal yard.
4. Dust netting is also used for ports, docks coal storage yard and various kinds of materials yard.
5. Dust netting is used for steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of all sorts of outdoor yard.
6. Dust netting is used in railway and highway transportation station coal storage yard.
7. Dust netting is used for construction site, road engineering temporary building field.

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