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Perforated speaker grill

Perforated speaker grill
Perforated speaker grill
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:has smooth surface on both edges
  • Application:meal crafts, metal grid, metal cover

Perforated speaker grill,speaker grill,

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Perforated speaker grill
The specifications of Perforated speaker grill
1. The materials of Perforated speaker grill: stainless steel
2. Wire diameter: 0.02mm
3. The max produced area: 500*600mm
4. Thickness: 0.02~0.6mm, general thickness of 0.5 mm
5. Packaging Detail: With PE bag in Carton box
The features of Perforated speaker grill
1. Perforated speaker grill has smooth surface on both edges, no embossment, no convex-concave, no burnished burr , no warping, any complicated pattern or geometric figure is available.
2. Perforated speaker grill does not need polishing, and moreover, it’s very easy to change design and takes shorter producing time.
The applications of Perforated speaker grill
1. Perforated speaker grill is used for integrated circuit, screen printing electronic grille, precise filtration, microelectrode components, electronic industry plane pins, lead frame, substrate, etc. Perforated speaker grill still can make signs, trademark and elegant handicraft.
2. Perforated speaker grill is used in the IC printing, screen electronic grille, precise filter, micro-electrode components, the electronics industry flat pins, lead frames, substrates, etc..
3. Perforated speaker grill is applied for meal crafts, metal grid, metal cover, metal plate for model, decorative metal plate, metal name plate, metal cards, etched ornament, etc.

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