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BBQ racks

BBQ racks
BBQ racks
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
  • Properties:durable & sturdy, and easy installation
  • Application:storing goods, barbecue, the shelf of a refrigerator, etc.

BBQ racks,barbecue rack,

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BBQ racks
The specifications of BBQ racks
1. The materials of BBQ racks: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
2. Finishing: polishing non-stick powder coating
3. Size: can be customized
4. Wire diameter: 0.5-5mm
5. Aperture: 5-100mm
6. Packing: poly bag and wooden case
The features of BBQ racks
1. BBQ racks are durable & sturdy, and easy installation.
2. BBQ racks enjoy the characteristics of heat-resistance, corrosion resistance and non-poisonous.
3. BBQ racks are indeformable, rustless, and tasteless, easy to use.
4. BBQ racks are strong and nice appearance, easy for handling.
The applications of BBQ racks
1. BBQ racks are used for storing goods, barbecue, the shelf of a refrigerator, etc.
2. BBQ racks are good for home, hotel, cafe, bar or store use.
3. BBQ racks are mainly used in barbecuing, steaming and smoking pasta, meat and fish in hotels, restaurants, barbecue shop, picnics, and camping, military, tourism activities, to be popular with barbeque lovers.
4. BBQ racks are used for barbecue, drying and firing of various meat, fish, pasta and vegetables.
5. BBQ racks can be used with stove, oven or drying containers, which are mainly exported to Korea, Japan.

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