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Plastic coated barbed wire

Plastic coated barbed wire
Plastic coated barbed wire
  • Category:Barbed Razor Wire
  • Material:Low carbon steel wire
  • Properties:Barbed wire
  • Application:fencing and other usage

Plastic coated barbed wire,Plastic barbed wire,barbed wire ,

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Plastic coated barbed wire
1. Material: Core of Plastic coated barbed wire can be galvanized iron wire or black annealed iron wire. Its high resistance allows greater spacing between the fencing posts.
2. Weave patterns Available for Plastic coated barbed wire:
Single Twisted Barbed Wire
Double Twisted Barbed Wire
Traditional Twisted Barbed Wire
3. Plastic coated barbed wire colors: A variety of colors like green, blue, yellow, orange, gray or others.
4. Packing: In coil of 25 kilos or 50 kilos net, then wrapped with Hessian cloth. Customer required packing is also available.