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square wire mesh applications

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square wire mesh applications through the printing industry among the most important. Dull and easily, deep processing of packaging products among them: hot stamping, laminating, embossing, or a various kinds of glazing applications have turned common, including special effects polish has developed into a trend. Different glazing techniques largely simply because of the rise of technology development and printing configuration. In cosmetics and packets of folding carton printing, sheet-fed offset press hold an obvious advantage. For those hard develop a special organ of the offset is achievable by screen printing or gravure printing leaflets. Coating unit has now dont multi-unit sheetfed offset very sound components, it usually is easily done through special effects coatings, cosmetics, packaging is frequently moved to some special materials. Metal cardboard, cardboard and spray aluminum composite paper, paperboard and processed by polishing, crystal packing in the field of make-up more widely, showing steady growth. The modern transparent composite materials initiated a policy of for the plastic box packaging. Mainly because substrates are not to be printed by normal means, but must to offer the desired effect of UV technology, it not only large numbers of applied UV coating, UV printing ink me is also are generally more prevalent.