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What material do you use for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Q:What material  do you use for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

A:Usually we use 304(Ni>8.0),316(Ni>10),316L,310,347,also we can according to customers requirement,example 201,302,321,347 and other material.


1. 302 stainless steel
Low grade stainless steel grade alloy,is extensively used in producing in China for its economical cost

2. 304 stainless steel
Most common stainless steel alloy also is widely used in wire weaving,excellent corrosion and can withstand temperatures of 1100 degrees F

3. 304L stainless steel
Similar properties as 304ss but with better welding characteristics for lower carbon content

4.310 stainless steel
Withstand high operating temperatures up to 1800 degree F for extended time periods

5.316 stainless steel
Increased resistance to chemical corrosion for the addition of Molybdenum

6.316L stainless steel
Similar properties to 316ss but lower carbon content to permit better welding

7.321 stainless steel
Has the properties of 304ss but can handle high operating temperatures for the addition of Tianmium

8. 430 stainless steel
With much higher corrosion resistance. Commonly used in the food processing industry