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Usages of Galvanized Iron Wire and How to Determine Galvanized Iron Wire Gauge

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Galvanized iron wire is manufactured in spool, small coil or big coil, for example big coil galvanized iron wire, depending upon the different usages. This kind of wire can be divided into hot dipp galvanized wire and electro galvanized iron wire. And the surface treatments can make these two kind of wire resistant to corrosion and alkali when exposed to external or outdoor. Therefore it's widely used in construction, industry, craft, and wire mesh making. It also can make small animals or pets cages. As many small animals have sharp teeth and they can chew the wood or plastic container. To keep your animals safely, galvanized iron wire should used to the inside of the cage frame. Making a fence is also need galvanized wire, especially big coil galvanized iron wire. Because it offer bright luster, therefore the wires make fence more beautiful.

When planning for an electrical project, it is important to make the wiring runs with the proper gauge (physical size) wire. If the wire is too small it can easily become overheated and potentially cause an electrical short or fire. It's important to remember that the larger the number for the gauge of wire, the smaller the physical size. Therefore 14 gauge wire is smaller than 10 gauge wire. Calculating with a fixed formula will help determine the proper gauge wire for your project.

Measure the distance between the two points for the length of wire needed. Then used the formula D(AWG) = 0.005 x 92^ ((36-AWG)/39)inch. From this formula we can calculate wire gauge.