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How to Measure Wire Cloth / Wire Mesh

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Coarse Mesh / Wire Mesh 

To  measure wire cloth(woven wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, wire cloth screen, wire cloth strainer, industrial wire cloth, metal  cloth, wire cloth) properly, the mesh count should be taken in both  directions. On coarse meshes (mesh wire, woven wire mesh, wire mesh  basket), this can be accomplished by counting the number of openings per  linear inch measuring from wire center to wire center. After taking the  first count, a second count should be taken at a 90 degree angle to the  original measurement. The mesh count of the cloth shown is 10x10.  

Fine Mesh / Wire Mesh 

A mesh counter is used to measure finer meshes of wire cloth (woven wire  cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, wire cloth screen, wire cloth  strainer, industrial wire cloth, metal cloth, wire cloth) accurately.  The fine mesh count is taken the same way the coarse mesh is computed by  counting the number of openings per linear inch in one direction and taking another count at right angles to the original measurement.

Wire Diameter 

Wire diameter is always checked with a micrometer caliper as shown.  Diameters of wires in both directions should be checked. The  illustration shows .025 diameter wire.