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The introduction of metal screen mesh

The introduction of metal screen mesh
Screen mesh can be divided into natural silk screen mesh, metal screen mesh and synthetic fiber screen mesh, basing on the material. And this news is paying attention to introduce the introduction of metal screen mesh. Please check it in the following.
Metal screen mesh belongs to a kind of metal product in which metal wire is produced through special techniques. Usually, it is made of copper wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire and steel wire, and the diameter of metal wire is usually 0.025mm-4mm. generally speaking, cross grain and mate are three common weaving methods. Flat surface and clear and tidy meshes are regarded as two marks of good-quality products.
There are several features of metal wire mesh:
1. Metal wire mesh has nice weaving.
2. Metal wire mesh has inerratic grids.
3. Metal wire mesh has reliable filtering fineness.
4. Metal wire mesh is strong pressure resistance.
5. Metal wire mesh is high temperature resistance.
6. Metal wire mesh is chemical resistance.
7. Metal wire mesh is great abrasion resistance.
8. Metal wire mesh has perfect formability.
All in all, there is a brief introduction of metal screen mesh. Hope can help you.

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