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The application of welded wire mesh

The application of welded wire mesh
We are the manufacturer of welded wire mesh, so we conclude the application of welded wire mesh. Hope can help the reader choose a suitable one for use. And there are the applications of welded wire mesh in the following.
1. Welded wire mesh can be used in airport. It is used to make the pavement. Airport paving is different from highway paving in several ways, such as the thickness. And the thickness is greater due to the larger roads, so the thickest pavement need to support standing or slow moving aircraft and joins are placed further apart. And the welded wire mesh can serve this function.
2. Welded wire mesh can be used as walls. Since retaining walls are expected to perform for many years, it is important to place the reinforcement within tight tolerances to assure adequate cover. And this kind of reinforcement can be precisely placed in a sheet and held rigid by welding will make it easier to get a great good.
3. Welded wire mesh can be used as precast elements. Fabric is used totally to reinforce in-situ toppings applied as composite slab with precast pre stressed concrete structural members. In this field, the economics of scale of factory manufacturer supplement the economics of scale of factory production of pre cast concrete.
4. Welded wire mesh can be used as flooring. It’ thickness and group design make sure that it can serve as this function. This brings us to the evident conclusion that the concrete is not supposed to crack. And welded wire mesh can greatly perform this requirement.
There are some typical applications of welded wire mesh. Besides, it also can be used in piers, columns, swimming pools and so on.