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The application of crimped wire mesh

The introduction of crimped wire mesh
Crimped wire meshes are widely used in industries for filtering, sizing, grading, separating and shifting, and it is also can be use as grid window, rack, lift, cages, guards, trays and partitions.
Crimped wire mesh is easily available in various sizes and dimensions and can be produced according to customers’ requirements. Crimped wire can be made of low and medium carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel, copper and brass. And it is available in a wide range between 6mm to 25mm sq with desired width and length. The wire diameter can range from .2mm to 6mm.
Crimped wire mesh is also called Quarry mesh, and it is mostly used as screen in mining, coal factory, construction and other industries. Besides, crimped wire mesh is screening in mine, petroleum, chemical, building and food industry. And crimped wire mesh is used in machinery parts, packing, barbecue, hardware products, handicrafts, wire baskets, food machinery, road and railway. What’s more, crimped wire mesh is also used in screening and grading of solid materials and filtering of liquid and quarry. Crimped wire mesh is widely used in industry, construction, filtering sand, filtering liquid and gas, and it also can be used in protection of mechanical annex.
All in all, there is a brief introduction about crimped wire mesh, espacially the applications. hope can help you.