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How to Make Galvanized Wire Shiny

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How to Make Galvanized Wire Shiny

Galvanized steel wire is regular steel wire dipped in a zinc-based solution designed to protect the steel from rust. Although the zinc coating will not rust, over time it will oxidize, making it look tarnished or dirty. When steel is dipped in zinc, it does not just coat the steel, but becomes part of the steel. You can restore the shine to dull galvanized steel wire with materials commonly found in the home.


1 Put on the dishwashing gloves. Clean dirt or contamination from the wire using soapy water and a cloth.

2 Apply a liberal amount of hydrogen peroxide to the cloth, and polish the wire by holding the cloth in one hand, while pulling the wire through it with the other. Polishing the wire in this manner will remove surface corrosion unless the wire has built up excessive amounts of corrosion. In this case move on to step

3 Substitute steel wool in place of the cloth, taking care not to scrub too hard and remove the zinc coating. Hold the steel wool around the wire with one hand, and pull the wire with the other hand. After cleaning you may use the wire for whatever purpose you wanted it cleaned for.

Tips & Warnings
Hydrogen peroxide can bleach clothing, damage household surfaces and irritate skin.

In the event of a spill on clothing, rinse thoroughly with water and launder as usual. In the event of a spill on skin, rinse the area of the spill with soap and water and consult a physician if any problem persists.