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How to Clean Tarnish Off of Galvanized Wire

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How to Clean Tarnish Off of Galvanized Wire

Galvanization is a process by which wire or steel is coated to help prevent rust and corrosion and to prolong the life of the metal. This process does not ensure, however, that the wire will never rust. Clean the tarnish off galvanized wire as soon as possible to prevent it from actually corroding the wire or from spreading to other metals in or around your home. Rust and tarnish on galvanized wire will appear white and chalky rather than red or orange.

1 Disconnect with wire from any electricity. Never clean tarnished wire that has a charge running though it.

2 Brush the tarnish off the galvanized wire with a wire-bristled brush. Brush until all of the tarnish is gone from all sides of the wire.

3 Spray the wire with an all-purpose household cleaner.

4 Brush the cleaner into the wire with the wire-bristled brush. This will help clean the surface. Make sure you are brushing all sides of the wire.

5 Rinse the wires with clear water. Let it dry completely.