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Decorative Metal Screens

Decorative metal screens can add a distinctive flair to any room. Whether featuring classic scrollwork panels, geometrics or sleek, modern lines, decorative screens can be used to separate living areas to allow for more privacy or to fill large expanses of wall. The beauty of metal is that it can be worked into any kind of shape. Landscape scenes, florals or artistic designs--even textiles--can be incorporated within the metal frameworks. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with decorative metal screens.

Decorative Metal Screen Uses

Screens have long been a part of inventive decorating ideas. They can be used to screen off messy work areas. Screens are also perfect to separate combination dining/living rooms into individual spaces. You can also use a decorative metal screen to create a faux foyer at your front door. Decorative screens also work well in today’s large bathrooms where a separate “dressing area” can be created. Decorative metal screens can be used on patios to separate pool and eating areas or to provide a shield for an unattractive view.

Decorative Screen Materials

Most decorative metal screens are made from light-gauge steel that is finished in some way, and then preserved with a clear, protective coating. You may also find screens made of aluminum that can be left outdoors without risk of rusting. Decorative metal screens can also be made with punched or hammered metal designs on the surfaces called “repoussé,” according to Cartage.org. These screens combine decorative features with privacy because they have fewer open areas. Copper can also be used to make unique and attractive metal screens.

Decorative Screen Finishes

Part of the beauty of decorative metal screens is that they can be finished in many different ways to provide interesting effects to the rooms. Metal screens can be classic wrought-iron black or chemically rusted to look like ancient ironwork. They can be faux-finished in different patterns and colors. They can be finished to a more glittery, metallic effect. A decorative metal screen can be made to create the right effect to match your vision for your décor.

Where to Find Decorative Metal Screens

Decorative metal screens are part of current interior design trends, so finding a variety of screens is not difficult. Furniture stores usually have several on hand. Stores that carry imported goods often carry decorative metal screens in their furniture departments. You can also find decorative metal screens in many of the mail-order home furnishings catalogs.