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Common questions of perforated metal

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Common questions of perforated metal
You can find some of the most common problems or some mostly asked questions from customers. They are very helpful to you when you want to know perforated metal better.
1. Why the products are covered with oil, even if it is not convenient to carry?
Lubricating oil is very necessary in order to reduce the friction plates and abrasive. But, we can take measure to deal with this if you have specific requirements.
2. What is artistic perforated metal screen?
Artistic perforated metal mesh is made within the framework of special stamping, forming special tricks, text, and graphics and so on.  It is unlike ordinary sheet metal processing methods, it Style can be customized according to the customer's requirement.
3. Whether the surface of the perforated sheet can be plastic coated?
Of course, however, such products will increase the cost.
4. How is the opening layed out?
There are several patterns to choose, staggered 60 degrees, 45 degrees staggered, parallel, etc.
5. The use of the opening?
Generally speaking, the use of circular hole is the largest, rectangular and diamond-shaped hole are also very popular.
6. What is the opening rate?
Opening rate is the percentage of the total area. Hole shape, aperture size, spacing, different conditions formula is different.