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Barbed wire application

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Barbed Wire fence can be installed on the top of wall and other building forming barbed obstacles to fright and stop aggressive perimeter intruders. Green PVC barbed wire can be used for security fencing in the backyard and garden to prevent other animals with aesthetic appearance.

Barbed Wire fence is a kind of modern anti-intrusion security fencing materials. It is made of PVC coated barbed wire and hot-dip galvanized barbed wire. Galvanized barbed wire is popular with the character of strengthen. Barbed wire can be divided into single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire and traditional twist barbed wire according to the twist types.

You must be very careful when you build the fence, because you may get seriously hurt by its sharp barb.

Barbed wire fencing is very adapted to control wild animals as strong and lasting fencing. Barbed wire can enhance the protection of the property, as well as to protect pastures and farmland as livestock fence in the 3, 4, 5 and 6 rows barbed wire.

Barbed wire fence also can be used with razor wire coils installed over the chain link fence or other panel fencing forming high security fencing. It is suitable to protect airport and prison. You will find it is often installed at the top of the post or on special brackets, and special brackets can attach several rows of barbed wire. The height of fence below barbed wire should reach 180cm.